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How Virtual Assistants Boost Online Business

March 31st, 2009 No comments

Ask a happy webmaster her secret, and she’s liable to tell you it’s having a Virtual Assistant. No longer trapped updating content, this savvy website manager is able to actually plan an online strategy for her company.

She knows she can trust her personal assistant to keep web content up to date, and that service goes far beyond simply cutting and pasting text. Her well-trained Virtual Assistant knows how to use HTML code or web design software like Dreamweaver to professionally format whatever she’s asked to create.

Another advantage webmasters have discovered when hiring Virtual Assistants is that they’re skilled in the kind of research online marketers require. Knowing someone is working on their company’s behalf to keep track of competitors lets webmasters relax and focus on creating a dynamic online presence.

The service provided by an offsite personal assistant can extend to creating web traffic reports, uploading information products and updating blogs.

Virtual Assistants Provide Great Customer Service
Web site managers also understand the importance of great customer service. They know it’s crucial to respond to website visitors promptly, but they aren’t always able to keep up with the demand.

Since slow response is death on the Internet, the logical solution is to hire someone focused on the customers’ needs. A Virtual Assistant is the perfect fit as a customer service agent. She’s an independent contractor who works offsite responding to people who place orders, have shipping questions or wish to receive refunds. Working with customer-supplied templates or tailoring her responses to each situation, this valuable personal assistant provides a polished face for the company.

Where to Find the Right Virtual Assistant
The Virtual Assistant industry is growing, due to the demand created by companies who can’t afford full-time staff. Online companies are no exception, as many budget-constrained webmasters know. Once they’ve made the decision to work with an offsite personal assistant, the next challenge is in finding a professional with the skills they need.

There are several ways to locate a competent Virtual Assistant. One of the best is working through an agency that screens, trains and supervises a team of personal assistants. Companies like 24/7 Virtual Assistant provide one-stop virtual support through member portals which allow clients to sign in, communicate with their Virtual Assistants and request new work. Busy webmasters understand the value of working through a web interface to save time and document communication.

This type of no-hassle approach to personal assistants, also featuring monthly billing, referral programs and special promotions, is rapidly gaining popularity. Clients of 24/7 Virtual Assistant can, in fact, earn money each month on referral billings through the company’s generous affiliate program. This cutting-edge company even offers its clients a secure cache for their financial information, so a Virtual Assistant can pay their bills without having full access to that information.

Being a webmaster for a thriving online company is a rewarding, but challenging, career. The addition of Virtual Assistants as that company grows is a smart move being made by an increasing number of website managers. The continuing growth of these online businesses is an obvious sign that staffing virtually at all levels of service is a positive trend for the future.

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Three Reasons Ezine Publishers Need Virtual Assistants

March 29th, 2009 No comments

Smart Internet marketers know to maintain regular contact with their email lists by publishing ezines filled with useful content. They also know the ezine is a valuable bonus to offer prospects in exchange for contact information. But how does the busy online business owner have the time to create an ezine on a regular basis? That’s where a Virtual Assistant can step in to lighten the load.

There are three ways I can list off the top of my head that Virtual Assistants are of benefit to ezine publishers. Working offsite, they complete their tasks efficiently, and economically. The publisher isn’t forced to hire full-time staff to maintain his email newsletter program. If you’re struggling with every ezine issue you publish, take a moment to read about three areas where online personal assistants can help you:

Performing Research: What ezine publisher do you know that has time to scan blogs, newslists and article directories for fresh content regularly? A Virtual Assistant can be your path to the relevant information you’d like to offer your list.

Virtual Assistants work online, and they know where to find great content. They can suggest topics for upcoming issues and notify you of new trends of interest to your readers.

If you’re still performing research yourself for your ezine, calculate the savings when an affordable personal assistant steps in and you spend your time, instead, growing your business.

Maintaining Email Lists: Today’s Virtual Assistants are well-trained in online applications. They know how to navigate in the most-used CRM packages and shopping carts. With a little time to train, they’ll tackle less familiar programs and keep your email lists up-to-date and error-free.

Tracking customer and prospect changes is a challenge if your list is large. Professional personal assistants are more than ready for the task. Why waste time sending email newsletters to out-of-date lists? Your Virtual Assistant can also filter those names into smaller groups for special mailings, and give you accurate statistics on your current list.

Update Ezine Content: Because you work with a Virtual Assistant online, it’s a snap to bring her up-to-speed on your ezine templates. Allow her to set deadlines for regular contributors and work with them to create a quality newsletter. You’re still the publisher, but the day-to-day work of preparing the ezine for mailing should be done by someone who’s not also running your business!

Once you’ve become comfortable with the work your personal assistant can do, you’ll find yourself turning over more and more of your ezine production to her. Imagine the plans you can make for your business once you’re freed from the work of creating your ezine.

We’d like to give you the chance to see how well this can work for your business. New clients enrolling for Virtual Assistant services are always given a free one-week, ten hour trial. Your ezine is an important part of your marketing strategy; find just the right VA and let her help you send out a quality newsletter every time.

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Virtual Assistants – The Practical HR Solution

March 25th, 2009 No comments

More than any other profession, Human Resources Managers know the cost to hire, train and employ full-time staff. An HR Manager is expected to contain those costs as much as possible while also helping each department find quality employees. That’s why Virtual Assistants are an option many Human Resources Managers are now exploring.

Virtual Assistants, or independent contractors who work in their own offices to provide support, can cut staffing expenses significantly. Because their clients do not pay payroll taxes, benefits or office space expenses for them, these offsite personal assistants represent tremendous value.

If you’re an HR Manager reading this blog, you may be wondering how other Human Resources executives use Virtual Assistants to ease employee expense pressure. Here are just a few of the roles offsite personal assistants are playing in companies worldwide:

  • Customer Service – providing email, telephone and live chat support, coordinating service with onsite departments.
  • Shipping Service Coordination – acting as liaison with product vendors to ensure delivery to customers, initiating refunds and coordinating product returns.
  • Sales Support – preparing presentations, providing telephone and email support, creating sales reports and proposals, maintaining calendars, setting and confirming appointments, making reservations, acting as inbound sales agents.
  • Human Resources Support – applicant screening and background checks, scheduling interviews, recruiting new applicants.
  • Clerical Support – creating documents and presentations, preparing departmental reports, performing research for grant applications, doing data entry.
  • Technical Support – creating and maintaining websites, managing email marketing campaigns, performing data mining and competitive research, creating and maintaining social networking presence.

These are just some of the roles HR managers report they now use Virtual Assistants to fill. They know that web technology makes this shift relatively seamless. Project management applications are routinely used by large companies to collaborate across remote locations. Adding a Virtual Assistant to those collaborative teams is a natural fit.

Another plus to filling staffing gaps with Virtual Assistants is the advent of virtual support firms like 24/7 Virtual Assistant. This company hires well-trained professionals to their Virtual Assistant team and provides an online interface for clients. HR Managers can work with one firm to fill all virtual support needs, meaning one predictable monthly billing and the assurance  their personal assistants are screened and monitored.

With the pressure on companies worldwide to fill staffing gaps with affordable, yet competent, individuals, the type of support offered by 24/7 Virtual Assistant is an HR Manager’s dream come true. Special promotions, a generous affiliate program and ever-expanding services have Human Resources executives turning to 24/7 Virtual Assistant each time new staffing is required.

The shape of the workplace is undeniably changing. Staffing your company virtually can keep you on the cutting edge of Human Resources strategy. To elevate your standing as a Human Resources manager, make a commitment to joining the Virtual Assistant revolution soon.

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How a Virtual Assistant Keeps You On the Speaking Circuit

March 23rd, 2009 No comments

Someone who travels to lead seminars for a living has two things on his mind…doing a great job and getting to the next engagement. That may not sound terribly difficult, but living on the road without office support can be frustrating and inefficient. That’s why smart speaking professionals are using Virtual Assistants to keep things on track full-time.

Is this resonating with you? We’ve been told by so many clients that they hated returning to the office from a speaking tour, before they began working with a personal assistant.

Here’s why things look differently for one of them now: the client turns his schedule over to his Virtual Assistant, who sets it up online for his convenience. She updates it daily with new engagements and cancellations, including personal appointments and reminders.

She sends a daily email with questions from seminar clients, if she hasn’t already handled them for him. She works with his clients to smooth the road for quality speaking engagements. She orders supplies shipped to the next hotel and confirms his training rooms are fully-equipped.

Because his calendar is now web-based, he can access it from his Blackberry or laptop. Details that once slipped through the cracks, giving him a black eye with his clients, are now handled as a matter of course by his well-trained Virtual Assistant.

If he suddenly needs new handouts for a seminar, that same personal assistant is on the job. She makes the changes and emails the documents to the copy center near his hotel. They deliver his handouts in plenty of time for the next day’s sessions, and disaster is averted.

His Virtual Assistant is constantly looking for ways to keep his life simple, providing concierge services like travel arrangements, paying his bills through his secure member portal on our website and finding theater tickets in his current city.

And did we mention that she does all this without ever being in his office? She works remotely as a contractor, saving him the cost of office equipment and payroll taxes. By paying for a set number of hours each month, he can budget her fees in advance.

Could life on the road get any easier? Once our clients who travel doing seminars have tasted the freedom of a personal assistant, they become clients for life. They move from skepticism to appreciation quickly, and refer their friends on the circuit to us, too.

The Virtual Assistants at 24/ are just what these clients need to stay on the road. If you’re ready to experience that level of confidence, try our one-week, ten-hour free trial for yourself.

Life is good with a personal assistant smoothing out the bumps. Pursue your career with confidence; she’s got the details covered back at home.

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The Small Business Secret Weapon-Virtual Assistants

March 16th, 2009 No comments

Here’s something we hear small business owners say all the time, “I need more office support, but I can’t afford to hire more staff!” One reason those business owners get to that point is that they’ve never considered a Virtual Assistant as a staffing solution.

It comes as a surprise to most of them that a Virtual Assistant can provide the admin support they need without breaking their budgets. Are you in that group? Then hold on as I reveal some facts about the small business secret weapon, the Virtual Assistant.

Let’s approach the issue from the vantage point of a small, one-person accounting services firm. Suppose you’re the owner, and you’ve done a great job of building your clientele. The increased workload, though, has you locked in at the office sixty hours per week.

You probably dread answering your phone messages, reviewing email and doing your own billing, because those tasks take you away from what earns money, namely, providing accounting services. So, what if you didn’t have to? What if you could hand those tasks off to someone who doesn’t require you to rent more space or even do payroll?

That’s the beauty of contracting with an offsite personal assistant like those found at 24/7 Virtual Assistant. She works at her own location, when you need her, and by paying her a set fee per month you can project your staffing costs to the dollar.

Nearly every small business at some point requires staff to do things like billing clients, responding to email, covering the phones or doing market research. Hiring traditional employees may signal your commitment to growth, but it also means paying for benefits, payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance and all the costs associated with personnel.

That’s why it just makes good business sense to allow a personal assistant who works as an independent contractor to take the tasks off your desk that keep you from earning money. With today’s technology, it’s possible to work with your virtual staff by telephone, email or through special client portals such as the one we use at 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

Here’s another reason you can’t afford to add to your overhead with full-time employees—that’s what your competition is doing! In almost every field, there’s still time to blast past your competitors by doing the smarter thing, using Virtual Assistants rather than employees.

You’re doing a great job running your business. The fact that you’ve grown beyond your current staff means you’re doing the right things. Now, make another great decision by contracting with a Virtual Assistant to provide the additional support you need.

We even help make that decision easier with our one week, 10-hour free trial. Remember, a well-trained online personal assistant is the secret weapon you need to blow away your competition. Why not be at the forefront of your industry by using that weapon to your greatest advantage?

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How Virtual Assistants Can Save Your Non-Profit

March 15th, 2009 No comments

Are you a non-profit administrator, struggling to provide services on an ever-shrinking budget? If you are, I’ve got great news for you! By hiring Virtual Assistants (independent contractors who work offsite), you can spend more of those hard-won dollars to meet the mission of your organization.

Did that statement catch you off-guard? I’m not surprised; most non-profit administrators have never thought of using Virtual Assistants to keep their offices running. What if I told you there are five very important reasons why offsite personal assistants make more sense than an office full of employees? Here they are:

  1. Virtual Assistants won’t cost you non-profit payroll taxes, employee benefits, or workers compensation insurance premiums.
  2. Because they work offsite, personal assistants like the ones available through 24/7 Virtual Assistant don’t require additional office space, computer equipment or office supplies.
  3. Virtual Assistants are versatile! Most VAs, at least the ones working through our company, are willing to go above and beyond, providing both office support and concierge services for your onsite staff.
  4. Offsite personal assistants allow you to know for certain what your staffing costs will be month-to-month. We offer our clients the chance to pay a set fee for their services.
  5. Virtual Assistants don’t have downtime! Every organization has busy seasons and slow times, but our VAs aren’t billing you if they aren’t working for you.

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to staff your non-profit? If you’re not sure, let me draw a picture of how a non-profit might look when staffed by Virtual Assistants.

Imagine a dedicated group of individuals coming together to provide a service. Once they’ve achieved 501(c)3 status, they’re ready to open up shop. Here’s where they’re different from most non-profits: rather than hiring a full-time staff, the administrator contracts with a talented Virtual Assistant to set up and monitor email accounts, provide phone answering service, update blogs, prepare fundraising letters and work with the printer to create marketing pieces.

The VA also finds them a talented accountant to keep their finances on track, and works with a web designer to build their website. As the organization grows, an onsite person is hired to greet visitors and coordinate the work of a whole team of Virtual Assistants, who still provide most of the support behind the scenes.
The money they save by using offsite personal assistants goes to further their programs, making their donors happy as well as the people they serve!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell your donors how much money you save by using Virtual Assistants? Not only do you look frugal, the level of service you can provide with a virtual staff will also help boost your professional image.

If you’re out there scrambling for disappearing donations and you need to create the leanest nonprofit possible, it’s time to explore the Virtual Assistant option. I can help make the decision even easier by telling you that, here at, we offer every new client a free one-week, ten hour trial.

Spend your money on what matters, and let offsite personal assistants keep your organization running. It’s the smart thing to do for today’s nonprofit corporations.

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The Virtual Assistant—a Writer’s Best Tool!

March 10th, 2009 No comments

Most writers already know that a computer can help streamline their writing projects. But did you know a Virtual Assistant is actually a better writing tool than a great computer?

If you’re a writer, a computer can help you research, create, organize and submit your writing projects. But what if you’re not computer literate, or you simply don’t have time to do anything but write? If that’s the case, hiring a Virtual Assistant is a much better investment than purchasing a new computer.

I can just hear the objections forming out there in the writing profession! “I don’t have time to write, much less supervise a personal assistant!” Or how about, “Won’t that just cost more money?”

Before you completely write off the idea of a Virtual Assistant, consider what a talented “VA”, like the ones you’ll find on our team, can do:

• A Virtual Assistant is going to work from her own office, using her own computer and office equipment. That spells major savings to you!
• She can proof, edit and submit your writing projects, freeing you to continue writing.
• She can research new writing markets and request writers’ guidelines.
• She can review and sort your email messages and flag only the ones requiring your response.
• She can perform research to support your future projects.
• She can transcribe from your recordings.
• She can even provide concierge services, booking your travel arrangements, paying bills, and setting your appointments!

Now be honest…haven’t you dreamed of having someone to handle the details of everyday life, the ones that constantly break your concentration and stop the flow of writing? What could make more sense than a personal assistant you can work with when you choose?

Our clients who are writers have let me know that hiring a VA has turned their writing careers around. Being free to write, rather than run a writing business, can have a major impact on your future earnings.

There’s one more reason successful writers swear by their VAs. Virtual Assistants work on a contract basis, which means you won’t have to hassle with employment forms, taxes and benefits. In fact, your VA can be hired for one low monthly fee through 24/ That keeps your bookkeeping simple and your expenses predictable.

Have I captured your imagination? I hope so, because I’d like to extend a special offer to anyone signing up for Virtual Assistant services through 24/7 Virtual Assistant before March 15. Not only will you receive our normal one-week, ten hour free trial, you’ll also be given 20% off your VA services

Hiring your own virtual staff can be a turning point in your career as a writer. Visit our site now to learn just how easy that can be.

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Push Your Sales Over the Top with a Virtual Assistant

March 8th, 2009 No comments

As a busy sales professional, what do you need more than anything else to push your income to the next level? Most of our clients in sales professions would say, “More Time!”

So, what are your options? You can certainly choose to work more hours, but most of you out there in the field are already overworked. The best option is to find a personal assistant to handle the day-to-day detail work so that you can stay in front of your customers.

Are you worried an assistant is way out of your league? Think again…the advent of Internet technology has given sales professionals a truly affordable support option, the Virtual Assistant.

Allow me to draw a picture of how a Virtual Assistant (VA) can maximize your sales income. Suppose an up and coming sales professional (like yourself!) is feeling the pressure to produce more without working himself into the ground. He’s heard about VAs, but he’s not sure he could learn to work virtually.

That’s where the good things start to happen! While signing up for a 24/7 Virtual Assistant VA, he finds a whole framework already created for requesting work, communicating with and paying for Virtual Assistant services. He can actually manage his “virtual staff” from a single website, if he chooses.

He launches into this adventure, emailing or calling his assistant as needed, or leaving requests for new work through his 24/7 Member Portal. Once he’s convinced his VA is solid gold, he moves beyond market research and sales correspondence and has her inputting data directly into his CRM application. Imagine the time he’s saving by not having to sit with his laptop or Blackberry and update client information.

He’s finding himself out of the office and in front of customers, and he knows the paperwork, data entry and scheduling are being handled by his personal assistant. His clients are impressed he’s got someone answering his phone, rather than forcing them to navigate voice mail.

With a minimal cash outlay for a highly-skilled Virtual Assistant, he’s built an office staff that doesn’t cost him payroll taxes, benefits or office space! His sales reports are finished on time, he never misses an appointment, and his presentations are polished and professional.

Who in sales could ask for more than that? But there’s one more advantage he never expected—his assistant is able to pay bills, order client gifts and act as a virtual concierge service whenever he’s traveling. Through his secure Member Portal at, his information is safe, while allowing his VA to act on his behalf.

Sound like a dream come true? I’d like to help you experience the joys of creating your own virtual support staff. Through March 15, I’m offering anyone who enrolls for Virtual Assistant services a twenty percent discount. Since there’s always a free one-week, ten hour trial for new clients, there’s no risk and lots of benefit to becoming a satisfied client.

Push yourself up to the next income level with the help of a Virtual Assistant. Once you’ve stopped and considered the benefits, this great new tool for sales professionals has already sold itself!

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Short Sales Made Easy with a 24/7 Virtual Assistant

March 2nd, 2009 No comments

In almost every real estate market in the U.S., real estate agents are dealing with foreclosure properties. What we’re finding as we talk to our clients is that smart agents are taking action before these homes ever go to foreclosure by negotiating a short sale for the seller.

A short sale, or a negotiated deal in which the lender agrees to take the selling price of the home as payment in full for the mortgage, can actually save the lender money. By the time the home goes into foreclosure, they’ve been spending time and money for months trying to collect past due payments, filing legal paperwork and arranging a sheriff’s sale. For the lender, a short sale deal can represent a substantial savings, and they won’t end up owning property they’ll have a hard time selling.

I can hear some of you, however, saying, “I’m having a hard enough time selling properties now. Why would I spend hours on the phone negotiating short sales?”

That’s where I come in, or, rather, where 24/ comes in! You see, our highly-skilled Virtual Assistants already have real estate experience and can help you through the entire short sale process. Once you show them what’s required in your area for short sales, they’ll step in to help with necessary phone calls and paperwork.

Think of it this way…you’re the expert at listing homes, writing offers and keeping properties moving in your market. That’s the best possible use of your time. When it comes to short sales, your best strategy is to find these homes to list and sell them at a reasonable price, once the mortgage company agrees to the reduced pay-off.

So why not hand over your short sale possibilities to a 24/7 Virtual Assistant, knowing they’re working to complete the negotiation process? That’s when you step back in, list the home and get it sold, benefitting buyer, seller and lender, while increasing your own income.

Our clients who sell real estate have made the choice to use every tool available in today’s tough market. One of the best tools is a Virtual Assistant who can help you navigate the ins and outs of short sales.

This money saving method of selling homes facing foreclosure can help you become one of the top agents in your area. When you also consider that, not only will your VA help with short sales, she’ll also act as your personal assistant and handle the details of your busy life, it just makes sense to sign up for Virtual Assistant services today.

Let me make it easy for you…if you sign up for VA services before March 15, I’m going to give you a twenty percent discount on those services. Combine that with our one week free trial and you’ve got a deal no real estate professional can ignore.

Step up to short sales, and let us help you do it right. We’re looking forward to helping you help relieve the “foreclosure powder keg” in your market.

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