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How Is Being A Virtual Assistant Different From Being A Home Based Secretary?

November 19th, 2010 1 comment

The scale and scope of the relationship are the main difference between a virtual assistant and a secretarial service. While your secretarial services are providers for typing, word processing, data entry and other office support services, a virtual assistant provide specialized services in addition to general secretarial and clerical work. Services include specialized services such as graphic design, writing, web design, event planning and bookkeeping.

There is no partnership involved. Thus, no partnership is involved between them. On the other hand a virtual assistant works in a relationship. If the relationship is ongoing, they tend to work together with the same people daily. Because of the nature of the relationship, a Virtual Assistant can only work with a relatively small number of clients.

A level of trust for a Virtual Assistant and a home based secretary differs. A Virtual Assistant becomes his right hand of the person assisted. By working together your VA gets to know more about the client, his business and his customers. She/ he become a partner in his success. Most Virtual Assistant are business owners so it is easier for them to understand the importance of client relationships. Whereas, a home based secretary does not find it necessary to know clients and their business well. As the task given is just task oriented, the level is trust does not need to be high.

A Virtual Assistant does secretarial work, but as partner, she often does much more than that, and it often crosses over into supporting the client in personal matters as well as professional where as a home based secretary provides a value, which is commodity, based through a select set of secretarial services offered.

By learning more about the client, his life, his business and his customers, a virtual assistant will be able to support his clients in a better way and can create more value. Thus, a virtual assistant creates value for his/her clients through a dynamic learning process.

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5 Ways To Have A Successful Partnership With Your Virtual Assistant

November 16th, 2010 No comments

Five different ways to ensure a successful partnership is

1. Good Communication It is important that you establish a very good communication with your virtual assistant as it is one of the main reasons to success. Ask your virtual assistant to give you updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, whatever suits best for you. Ensure that the instructions provided to your virtual assistant are always direct, precise and understandable. Make sure your virtual assistant is aware of your preferred method of communication.

2. Be Open and Trust the Partnership In order to have a healthy working relationship you and your Virtual Assistant it’s important that you be open to this concept. Being open, to your Virtual Assistants ideas and suggestions would help you improve your relationship. Trust is an important factor to any relationship. You should be able to trust and delegate work to you Virtual Assistant without any kind of doubt in your mind.

3. Have Patience Make sure you let your Virtual Assistant know how you would like to operate your business. Set rules and regulations on how you would like your work done and explain your expectations. Ensure that you answer your Virtual Assistance question and guide them. Also ensure that your Virtual Assistant have enough time to learn about your business and preferences. This will lead to your partnerships success.

4. Give up Control It’s is important that you give up control of certain areas of your business and allow your virtual assistant to take over. Your virtual assistant can handle all your administrative tasks like answering calls, checking mails, data entry etc, this way you will get plenty of time to concentrate on more important areas of your business. And you can be sure that your work is being handled professionally.

5. Plan Ahead In most cases Virtual Assistants are professional business owners themselves and so keep in mind that they not only working for you but for other clients too. So, when you want any work to be done, make sure you give it to your virtual assistant well ahead of time. This way you will always get your work completed before the deadline.

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Make Your Administrative Jobs Online Using A Virtual Assistant!

November 13th, 2010 No comments

Administrative jobs can make life hectic for an entrepreneur. When you look after the administrative part, you cannot have enough to go around. Administrative tasks are the most time consuming and tedious part of running a business. It involves mainly checking mails and responding to them, maintaining a contact database, manually typing documents, doing necessary paper works, book keeping and many more. This will surely consume a couple of hour’s everyday. And you don’t get time to take care of the business part. The best way out for you is to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants are qualified and skilled professionals who can handle your tasks without their onsite presence. Communication is done through email, phone and online chat. Virtual Assistants can easily handle the administrative tasks, meeting deadlines consistently. As a business owner, of course, only you know what your business needs are. A Virtual Assistant easily understands your goals and objectives and will help you to achieve the level you needed. She can help you in making the right decision about your business. From conducting research and creating reports to interpreting data, a Virtual Assistant works along with you.

Virtual Assistants are well qualified to do all types of administrative jobs. What gives them an edge is their wide ranging experience. They can easily take care of the daily tasks such as checking mails and responding to them, data entry, record management, and turn business cards into outlook entries besides creating a comprehensive online database of business contacts. When you expand you business, the Virtual Assistant can help you to update your online directory with the details of your new contacts. The advantage to maintaining outlook entries is that each time you want to send a promotional email or an important update, you can just select your mailing list and reduce the time in preparing your “TO” list.

In your busy life, it will be difficult for you to update your websites and your online business accounts. A virtual assistant can easily take care of that also. She can compose and proofread all your business emails and can respond to them in the right time. They can handle your twitter, face book, my space accounts and can update articles or company profile information and respond to comments and queries. For boosting your business, she can post ads in websites like Craigslist and can get back to you with details. They can assist with data entry and data processing for accounting firms, publishing houses, and sales and marketing firms. They can also format, design and conduct surveys and can produce results based on that. They can also digitize all your information, data and images into vector format. They can digitize images including logos, graphics that are in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF format into a multi layer, editable format. In short, a virtual assistant can do anything for you.

As a company executive or business owner, you have nothing to lose and instead benefit from having virtual assistants to aid you in the day-to-day running of your company. Virtual Assistant communicate effectively and also understand the challenges a professional/organization faces and are keen to make your work easy without compromising on quality. By outsourcing your administrative tasks to a full-service virtual administration firm, you delegate bulk of your important task to a responsible person, for whom you do not have to incur any additional expenditure. Virtual Assistants are not only a productive and affordable solution to all your business needs but they are also bright and fun to work with.

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Virtual Assistant – The Best And Suitable Professional For You!

November 11th, 2010 No comments

Virtual assistants are the powerful tool you can use in you business. Virtual assistant is an independent contractor providing virtual assistance in the form of administrative, technical, and sometimes creative services to clients, usually to other independent entrepreneurs and small business practices. Virtual assistants work from their own office at home which is why it has become a fairly popular, growing profession.

Business people often find it difficult to spare some time for their family and friends. They will be always busy doing their works, but the most important part is that they wont get time also for concentrating into the core part of the business that can yield more profit. Find some time to sit and think why your life is like this. Then you will find that most of your time is consumed by small and mundane tasks. Then you will start realizing that its time for you to hire a virtual assistant.

Instead of spending most of your time in front of your computer, you can concentrate in core parts of your business and can do the things that you love. Isn’t it exciting? Hire a virtual assistant for all the time consuming tasks. Now you may have a number of questions heading up in your mind. You may think that you don’t have enough time or money to hire a virtual assistant. Or you may find it difficult to believe a person whom you have not yet seen and will never see in future. Either way it’s OK. Because I’m going to tell you more about virtual assistants and the services they can offer for you. In every approach, hiring a virtual assistant is more beneficial when compared to hiring a regular employee.

What is a virtual assistant? A Virtual Assistant is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services. A Virtual Assistant is pretty much a regular assistant who works virtually. You can hire a virtual assistant from any part of the world. It doesn’t matter that you are in a different time zone and she is in another one. You can make her work according to your availability. You can access her from anywhere using Internet and can assign her the tasks. You can get your works done even when you are on a tour with your family. When compared to a regular employee Virtual Assistants are much cheaper. Virtual assistants don’t need payroll expenses, paid vacation time, insurance coverage and other full time employee benefits. You don’t need to pay tax for hiring a virtual assistant.

It’s pretty easy to hire a virtual assistant. All you need is to search for them in internet. There are a number of virtual assistant companies who provide highly talented and skilled professionals. Always be careful while choosing a virtual assistant company. Only choose the companies that are much reputed and has their own mark in the virtual assistant field. Always care not to hire a virtual assistant from a company that has started just before some days. Choose wisely to go with the companies that have been around for a little while. Then only you will get a qualified and talented Virtual Assistant rather than someone you have no idea about.

Although it can seem really intimidating at first, start small, and you’ll soon see how liberating it can be to solicit help when it comes to your business. You’ll start looking at your business in a whole new light and imagining the possibilities for growth and improvement. Do not keep thinking!! Hire a virtual assistant and get out of all the time consuming tasks. Then only you will find some time to spare with your family and friends. Virtual assistant is the best tool for every entrepreneur.

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My Journey With A Virtual Assistant

November 9th, 2010 No comments

Couple of years after college, Tom and I told our parents that we have an idea to make kids educational products and that we were scrapping our Wall Street and advertising career. Our parents thought that we were out of mind and was against our decision. Two of our parents were teaching in school, we told them that they were our inspiration. The compliment did to inspire them, especially after they came to know that we would be working with Tom’s parents family business. Tom running the family business was there dream and our decision of not doing so was not appreciated by Tom’s parents.

We saved every little penny of our life savings, got our big casting call to find the right kid for the voice for the doll, wrote the script, music and lyrics, we hired our virtual assistant and spent almost more than a year creating it. Kids loved the talking doll, but distributors wanted a whole line, not just single words talking doll. We decided it would be best to sell it ourselves at an independent specialty store.

While Tom and I was trying to find a storeowner to sell the talking doll, we came up with another idea: “A doll that sings lullabies”. We manufactured a doll that sings lullabies and glows in the dark. In addition, we thought it would be a great idea to create puzzles out of the lullaby doll’s pictures. That is how Lullaby doll image puzzle became the foundation for our company.

At the time, puzzles were so cookie-cutter in design. Therefore, we shook things up fresh artwork, lots of unusual designs and great pricing. They sold like wildfire. For more than ten years, we did nothing but puzzles. Then we applied the same fresh concept to toys, and today we produce more than 500 products. Oh yeah, and in the middle of all this, Tom and I got married and had three children.

The secret to our success? We hired a Virtual Assistant! The perfect and affordable choice we made. Our Virtual Assistant understood our needs and worked with us in our fast pace. They helped us find the right voice for the doll, and helped us with our marketing strategies, checked and responded to important mails, attended our calls, scheduled meeting. They thought ahead and worked with our needs.

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Virtual Assistant – The Best Tool Of A Realtor!

November 2nd, 2010 No comments

Real estate business can be said as one of the most competitive business. It’s really hard to survive and stay stable with out the help of a virtual assistant. The online marketing and administrative tasks are the vital part of the real estate business which decides the success of a Realtor. Real estate Professionals will have to work hard on the sales end and often it seems difficult for them to find time to tackle the online, administrative and marketing tasks. To be stable in the real estate business and to make profit out of business a realtor needs the help of a Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant can help a realtor in every aspect. Just like agents have teams, Virtual Assistants often has a team of experts so that the agent gets the best trained person to assist with a specific task. The Virtual Assistant can enter the listing information into the MLS along with the pictures of the property in order for it to be exposed to buyer for offers. The agent sets the property price at a level that will bring in a flood of buyer quickly, while the Virtual Assistant can takes care of all the time consuming data entry required to list the property on the MLS.

Agents have various means to find clients such as sending out direct mails, going door knocking, internet marketing and so on. The virtual assistant can handle the phone calls; can respond to the mails that come as a result of this. The Virtual Assistant can also schedule time for the prospects to speak with the agent in order to get all their real estate specific questions answered as well as follow up with them prior to an appointment to confirm their availability.

Real estate agents will have to find clients by various means such as sending out direct mails, going door knocking, internet marketing and so on. The Virtual Assistant can assist the agent by handling all the calls that come in as a result of the marketing effort. The Virtual Assistant can also schedule time for the prospects to speak with the agent in order to get all their real estate specific questions answered as well as follow up with them prior to an appointment to confirm their availability.

With technology constantly evolving, keeping ahead of the competition becomes more difficult for any agent. Using a virtual assistant has proven to be a sound business decision for successful realtors across the country. Explore the options available to see if it will work for you.

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