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Hire A Virtual Assistant That Fits Your Needs!

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Virtual Assistants are the most powerful tool that you can use for all your needs. But you have to be very careful while choosing your Virtual Assistant. There is a wide range of virtual assistants like Financial Assistant, Legal Virtual Assistant, Real Estate Virtual Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Technical/ creative Assistant, Ms Office Assistant, Medical Assistant, Virtual employee, Administrative Assistant and many more. Each of them will be having their field of expertise. So choosing a virtual assistant must be done wisely. There are virtual assistant companies who provide experts in all these fields. They are much more beneficial that individual ones. If you want to free up most of your time, then, it’s a wise idea to experience the benefits of the various virtual assistant services offered by many virtual companies.

Legal Virtual Assistant is a highly-trained independent person in the legal field who has extensive prior legal secretarial experience. They can help make the practice of law simpler and more efficient. They can advice you in every aspect of your business. Real Estate Virtual Assistants are mainly for top producing agents. These type of virtual assistants will post your listings in MLS and other websites; will take care of the leads, make appointment with your clients, help you in showing of a listing, post ads for your in Craigslist, will help you in article posting, will check your mails and respond to them in time, will manage your online accounts and also will help you in short sales. These virtual assistants can help the realtor to boost his business.

A Medical assistant is an unlicensed multi-skilled health professional who offers administrative, clerical and technical support to the licensed physician. The medical assistant is a perfect addition to any medical office and adds real value to a doctor’s practice. Financial Assistant is the one who can handle your accounting/financial tasks efficiently. He will be an expert in quick books; book keeping etc and he will work for you remotely. They will help you to prepare tax records, profit shares and can assist you even when you take a decision regarding your business. Technical/ creative Assistant is the one, who helps you to solve your technical problems. He can assist you with the system information or other technical information to solve the technical issues that you have in your office.

Marketing Assistant is primarily responsible for performing daily administrative work such as handling emails, data entry and files; coordinating with other department personnel; scheduling conferences; making travel arrangements for marketing manager; and acting as point of contact for administrative help for marketing department personnel. The purpose of the Marketing Assistant is to assist the marketing depart with any and all marketing and promotional projects. Administrative Assistant is mainly used for handling all the administrative tasks. They will check your mails and respond to them, arrange your meetings with clients, answer phone calls on behalf of you, do data entry and book keeping and many more. These administrative assistants can takeoff all the time consuming tasks from your head.

Technical/ creative Assistant is the one, who helps you to solve your technical problems. He can assist you with the system information or other technical information to solve the technical issues that you have in your office. Ms Office Assistant will be an expert in Ms Office tools. He can assist you for using word, excel, power point etc. He can help you to make power point presentations, word documents, excel sheets with formulas and many more. As they are an expert in the field, they will consume only very less time for getting these tasks done. Financial Assistant is the one who will assist you for your financial / accounting tasks. Their field of expertise will be Accounting, Book keeping, quick books etc. They will help to make your financial works easier. Virtual assistant staff is very good to hire, as you can concentrate more on the other core activities of the business that can fetch you better results for your business development activities. Most of the virtual assistant service providers offer their service round of the clock; hence, you may get your task done whenever you require it to be done. This enables virtual assistance to offer a more efficient service.

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Why Every Business Professional Need To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

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Virtual assistants have a lot of advantages. All of them translate to dollars and cents adding up to growth and profitability for your business. Generally, a virtual assistant has experience of working in different industries. Some of which may be related to the field you are into. You can use his experience to enrich your business. From time to time, he will also give you inputs that may save you some extra dollars, or help you solve your customers’ problem more efficiently. When you delegate tasks to the capable hands of a professional Virtual Assistant, you can quickly and easily refocus your energies on other aspects of business directly linked to generating revenue. Here are some benefits of partnering with a virtual assistant.

Increase your revenue – Delegating your time consuming tasks to a virtual assistant will help you to free up your time and you can concentrate more on your business which in turn will increase your income. For a business professional, the most time consumed task is the administrative task. The administrative task include, checking and responding to your daily mails, data entry, book keeping, answering phone calls, answering customer enquires, managing the to-do list, paying bills, sending invoices, Reconciling bank statements, Preparing forecasts and financial statements and many more. When these tasks are outsourced, you can focus your energy where it needs to be – on generating revenue and growing your business!

Increase your productivity – You many be having high potential inside you which you must not have known or utilized. The reason why your business didn’t grow up is may be because you are really busy doing tasks which are nonproductive.  A virtual assistant will help you to get rid of all the non productive tasks. If you are free you can focus more on productive potentials inside you. He will help you to get more clients by publishing the details of your brand products and making it on top in search engines. He can make you very active in all social media networks which will help the internet users to reach to you and your products.

Save you money – Virtual Assistants are fully-equipped technologically with updated software and hardware, eliminating the need for you to purchase additional equipment or software. You don’t need to provide her salary hike, computer and space, insurance and other allowances. They also save you the expense of securing a full-time or even part-time employee. You only pay for the time it takes to efficiently and thoroughly complete a job.

Save your time – A virtual assistant will help you to do a task more efficiently. As they are experts in every field, the time consumed by them in doing a task will be very less. An hour task carried out by you can be carried out in minutes by a virtual assistant. They don’t have the pressure of many other tasks, all demanding their attention. They focus on supporting you by performing administrative duties and offering constructive input on the aspects of business where you require the most help; that is all they do!

Save you frustration – When you get a number of tasks in front of you, you will get confused. You will be having no idea from where to start the task and which task has more priority. Managing tasks becomes overwhelming, and it becomes easier to retreat than prioritize, delegate, and focus on the one task in front of you. If you delegate the task to a virtual assistant, you can feel relaxed. The Virtual assistant will go through the entire tasks and prioritize them according to their deadlines and will finish every task quickly as they are skilled in this profession.

Break the “Do-It-Yourself” habit and let others learn to share responsibility in operating the business. You will find you have more time for major tasks. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is not only cost efficient for you and your business, it is also time efficient. Outsource your administrative tasks today and focus on expanding your business and building relationships.

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Martha Helen Stewart The Business Magnate

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Martha Helen Stewart is an American business magnate, television host, author, and magazine publisher. She was born in New Jersey, on August 3, 1941. Her mother Martha was a school teacher and her father Edward Kostyra was a pharmaceutical salesman. Martha’s father taught her gardening, her mother taught her how to cook and sew, and she learned the processes of canning and preserving from her grandparents.

Martha Kostyra was a hard-working student involved in many extracurricular activities. Around this time, Martha started working as a model to help pay expenses. She began her college career intending to study chemistry, but switched to art, European history and architectural history. Just after her sophomore year, she married Andrew Stewart, a law student. She left Barnard but continued her moderately successful modeling career, while her husband finished his law degree. Martha returned after a year to graduate with a double major in history and architectural history. After graduation, she continued a successful modeling career until her daughter Alexis was born in 1965.

In 1967, Martha began a second career as a stockbroker. When a recession hit Wall Street, Stewart left the brokerage. She and her husband moved to Connecticut and she started a catering business. In only ten years the business had become a $1 million enterprise. In 1982 her first book, Martha Stewart’s Entertaining, appeared. While her career prospered, her family life changed, and in 1989, Martha and Andrew Stewart divorced. In 1990, she started her own magazine, Martha Stewart Living, serving as Editor-in-Chief. Martha Stewart soon became a one-woman industry. Stewart signed an advertising and consulting contract with retailer Kmart. In 1997, she purchased all of the publishing, broadcasting, merchandise and licensing ventures bearing her name and consolidated them into a new company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO) and served as Chairman, President and CEO.

Ladies Home Journal named her the third most powerful woman in America in 2001.In June of that year, New York Stock Exchange invited her to join the Board of Directors which she accepted. Four months later, she resigned, as she was accused for insider trading. Thought she maintained innocence of all charges in the first months of 2004.The jury found her guilty and sentenced her to five months in prison.

Soon after she was released from prison, she started rebuilding her business. She began a new television show, The Martha Stewart Show. MSLO had returned profitable within a year of her release. Martha created product lines for Home Depot, Sears, Macy’s and Wal-Mart through which she expanded her business. She has shown patience and good humor in face of the criticism. Over the years, Martha Stewart has had more influence on how people in America should eat, entertain and decorate their homes and gardens than any one person in our history.

This article was written by a Virtual Assistant. If you would like to know more about this article or the Personal Assistant who created it please visit our website.

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How To Use Your Virtual Assistant For Business Promotions

December 3rd, 2010 No comments

Find Leads: – Update your Virtual Assistant regarding your business targets or what your market goals are. Your VA will do researches to gather leads for your business. They will gather leads and it is left to you to convert them. Using this task for a virtual assistance service is highly recommended, as it is sure to makes the services pay for itself.

Creating and Managing an Affiliate Program: – Using an Affiliate program for your online business is like additional money in your pocket. Some Virtual Assistant Companies like can get your affiliate program set up and ready go. They contact and bring in potential affiliates to promote your product or services.

Assisting and Organizing Big Promotion Events: – Scheduling meetings with people and organizing promotional events can be a huge task made up of many of smaller task and tiny attention to details. Have your Virtual Assistant take some pressure off you by making sure your event is organized perfectly and as desired. Your VA will find and give you the list of photographers available in your area, check there availability on the dates desired, make their payments using your credit card, address and mail out your invitations and can call or mail people for RSVP’s. All this will be taken care off by your VA with no confusions or hassles. Delegating this task to your VA will give you sufficient room to focus on other aspects of the promotional event.

Email promotion: – Using your VA for email promotion would save you money on monthly subscriptions. All you need to do is provide all the details of your email promotional campaign to your virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant will then have it designed for you with the help of their web team and then email to everyone provided on your list. And you will have the access to the control panel where you can track analytics in real time.

Business blogging: – Few Virtual Assistant Companies have outstanding writers as VA’s. They are capable of creating excellent content for your business’s blog. They can write on any topic of your choose. Companies similar to 24/ has experience with all major blogging, platforms like Word press and Moveable Type.

If you would like to find out more about how to work with a Virtual Assistant or Personal Assistant please feel free to visit our website!

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