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Our Virtual Assistants rise to the call in Japan

March 24th, 2011 No comments

With recent events in Japan, we at have been pretty busy. One of the biggest concerns for our members was trying to get in touch with their loved ones in Japan. Many of our clients had friends and family working or just vacationing in Japan and it was absolutely unnerving to deal with the silence after the quake.

The radiation threat around Tokyo has continued to diminish to the point where we felt comfortable resuming work tomorrow. (The radiation levels in Tokyo, reached their peak level last Tuesday, at over ten times the ordinary level for those areas—high but still well below what is considered dangerous to human health. By this weekend, the peak radiation levels had fallen back down to within the ordinary range.) However, it is important to note that the nuclear reactors have not yet been brought under control. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully if anything to ensure  that our clients have constant updates and can take necessary actions.

I must say that our team at has worked through this crisis commendably, making sure that our clients in Japan and elsewhere were updated regularly and trying to make constant contact with loved ones they haven’t heard from. Some Virtual Assistants also manned clients facebook and twitter account to see if they can contact there. I’d like to thank each and every one of our Virtual Assistants with all the help to our clients in need.

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