What A Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

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One way we at 247virtualassistant.com can help you is provide you with virtual assistants that can support your office and free you from essential, but time-consuming general office tasks.  So let’s be specific.  Exactly what tasks do virtual assistants accomplish?

General office tasks are essential, but they consist of busy work.  You need high-qualified administrative support, and we can provide it for you.  This will and can free you up to accomplish tasks that really make the cash you want to earn.  Virtual assistants assist you with the tedious everyday tasks you simply don’t have the time to do yourself.
Here is a list of what reasonable, hardworking, and trustworthy virtual assistants can accomplish for you:
Email Response
Telephone Support
Call Answering
Live IM Chat Support
Customer Relationship Management
Data Entry
Spreadsheet Creation/Updates
Personal Tasks
Power Point Presentations
Order Taking & Processing
Forum Moderation
Market Research
Administrative Tasks
Appointment Setting
Healthcare Services
Paralegal Tasks
Our Virtual Assistants also provide general administrative tasks, which include but aren’t limited to: Appointment Management, Sales and Marketing, Transcription, Information Management, Customer Relations Management, Accounting Services, Phone Services, E-mail/Chat Management, Analysis and Research, and Database Management.
Since we’re making lists, let’s make some more.  The followings lists are the tasks performed by the Virtual Assistants whom provide general administrative tasks.
Appointment Management:
•    Calendar Managing
•    Appointment Scheduling
•    Setting Reservations
•    Business Meetings
•    Personal Tasks

Sales and Marketing
•    Qualify Inquiries to Leads
•    Qualify Leads to High Priority
•    Compare RFQs/RFPs
•    Prospect/Customer Follow-up
•    Marketing Analysis
•    List Generation/Management
•    Telemarketing
•    Interactive Marketing
•    Requests for Point of Sales Materials
•    Requests for Samples
•    General Sales Correspondence
•    Dictating
•    Meetings/Calls/Interviews
•    Seminars/Conferences
•    Legal & Medical
Information Management
•    Creating Spreadsheets
•    Updating Spreadsheets
•    PowerPoint Presentations
Customer Relations Management
•    Customer Service Issues
•    Pricing Questions
•    Customer Ordering
•    Customer Purchase Analytics
•    Product On-Time/Complete Measurement
•    Product Delivery Complaints
•    Product Defect Complaints
•    Customer Record Management
Accounting Services
•    Basic Bookkeeping
•    Pay Roll
•    Invoicing
•    QuickBooks Management
•    Data Entry
•    Utility Payments
•    Billing and Follow-Up
Phone Services
•    Receptionist Services
•    Taking Messages
•    Call Answering & Transfer
•    Order Taking & Processing
•    Customer Service
•    Telephone Support
E-mail/Chat Management
•    Sending and Receiving
•    Managing Inbox
•    Email Response
•    Customer Service/Support
•    Live Chat Support
Analysis and Research
•    Creating Charts/Graphs
•    Analysis of Charts/Graphs
•    Product Research
•    Market Research
•    Competitor Research
•    Personal Research
Database Management
•    Creating Database
•    Data Entry
•    Organization and Sorting

A new added bonus at 24/7 Virtual Assistant is the re-seller program! 247VirtualAssistant.com will offer you plans at the lowest cost possible so that you can take those plans and resell them at your own price. There are no fees involved to start as a reseller(unless you want a site to be created) …so pretty much you can take our $299/month plan and resell it for $499/month on your site…Our site handles the transaction and the client signs up under your banner. As long as that client is signed up you receive $200/month($499 – $299 = $200) for this client. It’s that simple. You can track everything through your very own control panel and request money withdrawals whenever you like. How is that for some added cash?

When you sign up with 24/7 Virtual Assistant you just can’t go wrong! Sign up today!

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