When it Comes to Online Business, a Virtual Assistant is the Key

September 30th, 2009 No comments

Internet has removed the boundaries of time and space. People sitting in one corner of the world are able to do business with others at any time of the day through the Internet. And when it comes to online business, accessibility is the key. People and businesses are expecting support and service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Anything less than that is just not acceptable to the virtual community. But providing 24×7 service has also increased expenses for companies who are trying to cut corners in order to save and increase their profit margins. These companies require the service that is always accessible and available but at the same reduce costs.

The solution is simple, get an online provider that can assist you in providing services at a low cost. This would reduce the overhead costs associated with traditional employees. 24×7 virtual assistant is one such company that comes in handy for the organizations who intend to increase their accessibility for their customer at very cost effective rates.  24×7 virtual assistant provides a team of virtual assistants or a virtual assistant to cater to your tasks in return of very low monthly charges.  These assistants can serve as your customer service representatives or your online technical support. Answering queries and requests from the customers all around the day.  This increases your efficiency in terms of providing support and services to your customers, at the same time you do not have to worry about managing the staff sitting in your premises as customer service representatives. It results in three way gain in form of productivity, cost efficiency and accessibility.

You can contact your virtual assistant from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day since the channel for communication is the Internet. So even if you are flying thousands of miles away you do not have to worry about the work or the assistant taking care of it, they are reachable with a single mouse click without any time constraints. You can get help with almost everything with 24×7 virtual assistant, since it is not limited to only providing service through phone or mail. So take advantage of a virtual assistant and increase your brand value and presence among the masses for a very low monthly fee. More information can be found at http://www.247virtualassistant.com.

A new added bonus at 24/7 Virtual Assistant is the re-seller program! 247VirtualAssistant.com will offer you plans at the lowest cost possible so that you can take those plans and resell them at your own price. There are no fees involved to start as a reseller(unless you want a site to be created) …so pretty much you can take our $299/month plan and resell it for $499/month on your site…Our site handles the transaction and the client signs up under your banner. As long as that client is signed up you receive $200/month($499 – $299 = $200) for this client. It’s that simple. You can track everything through your very own control panel and request money withdrawals whenever you like. How is that for some added cash?

When you sign up with 24/7 Virtual Assistant you just can’t go wrong! Sign up today!

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