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I'm sure you've come across many companies who offer virtual assistance services at a premium rate, however not many of them deliver quality. Maybe the other Virtual Assistants company would offer you a lower price but only if you sign up for a long term contract. Our company does none of that. Our virtual assistants are trained in many different facets. And we always make sure they have every resource possible to ensure that they are doing a great job. Our main office is located in Atlanta, Georgia and our backend office is located in India. Every single one of our Personal assistants are trained to be well versed in Microsoft office, open office, Google tools and a variety of other tools that any personal assistant should know.
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Virtual Assistants Virtual Assistant
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Virtual Assistants Administrative Support
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Virtual Assistants Answer/ Respond to calls/ chat (Telephone/Internet Support)
Virtual Assistant Bookkeeping (QuickBooks)
Virtual Assistant Customer Service Support ( Order Processing, Invoicing etc)
Virtual Assistant Data Mining
Virtual Assistant Email Marketing
Virtual Assistants Executive & Clerical Support
Virtual Assistants Human Resources ( Applicant Screening, Recruiting, Background Checks etc)
Virtual Assistants Inbound Sales
Virtual Assistants Live Support (Phone/chat/message board support)
Virtual Assistants Mailing List Development
Virtual Assistants Real Estate Services (Short Sales, Loss Mitigation, Posting MLS data on various sites)
Virtual Assistant Reports
Virtual Assistants Web Design*
Virtual Assistant Web Research ( Online Research)
Virtual Assistant Word Processing & Data Entry
 *Please contact one of our assistant to know more about our web design services.

Our Virtual Assistants Plans

We carry five different types on plans for our clients. We start off with the $299 plan that offers 30 hours per month. Our Second Plan goes for $499 and you'll get a Virtual Personal Assistant for 60 hours per month.This allows you to have your Virtual Assistant for significantly more time than any other Virtual Personal Assistant Company has right now. Thats part time worker at your service! The third plan allows you to have a Virtual Personal Assistant for $599/month. This means 80 hours per month. Our fourth plan goes for $799 and gives you 120 hours per month. . Our final plan offers $999/month and it gives you 160 hours per month. .

How flexible is you're Virtual Assistants plans?

Our plans on a month to month contract and we don't require any kind of contract with the exception of agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. You can upgrade, downgrade, renew or cancel whenever you'd like and your Virtual Assistants can take care of it for you at the end of the month. It's that simple!

I'd like to know more. Can I talk to a Virtual Assistant?

Absolutely. Just head on over to our Virtual Assistant Contact Form and fill it out and one of our Managers or a Virtual Assistants will be in touch with you within 24 hours. In the meantime if you have any questions please don't hesitate to visit our Virtual Assistants FAQ for common questions.

Hire a Virtual Assistant in This Recession Time

In these struggling economic times every businesses objective to get back on track by cost cutting and throwing every resource into the survival of the company. Recession is a business cycle contraction, a general slowdown in economic activity over a period of time. In times of recession many companies, both large and small will try to find new ways to save money while continuing to deliver value to the customer. But is this possible?? The answer is yes!! By outsourcing, it's possible to cut down money without cutting down the service.

Outsourcing has really made its mark in the business entities. Outsourcing or sub-servicing often refers to the process of contracting to a third-party. The reasons behind outsourcing are: Cost savings, Focus on Core Business, Tax Benefit, Enhance capacity for innovation, Creating leisure time and many more. Utilizing Virtual Assistants can be stated as the best method to outsource your projects. When you need to cut costs, not service - virtual assistants are the answer.

With a Virtual Assistant, there is no long-term commitment, so not only can you reduce your payroll, you can also ensure that the work can be done efficiently and within budget just like a full time employee would have. When you hire a Virtual Assistant, there is no need for added benefits, insurance or related employee costs. You don't need to hire a full time individual to act as an office secretary and answer phones or take care of data entry because your Virtual Assistant can handle all this for you remotely.

When you hire a virtual assistant, you will get access to the entire virtual assistant team. They will be ready to work for you round the clock. This is something that a fulltime employee wouldn't have access to and also one of the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant. You don't have to pay for office space, equipment, maintenance or addition utility bills. Virtual Assistants work from their own home or office and use their own equipment.

Hiring a virtual assistant is the best way to cut down cost without cutting down the service offered to your clients. Outsource your administrative tasks today and focus on expanding your business and building relationships.

To find out more about how a Virtual Assistant can help you, just sign up for one of our plans and enjoy the difference!



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